The Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation helps industry to grow and prosper locally. From their website :

In Jackson County, you’ll find a prosperous business climate, a healthy economy and a quality of life that are the direct result of well planned growth, community cooperation, a partnership with the state of Indiana and the utility companies.

For more than 70 years, Americans have called Indiana the “Crossroads of America,” a statement that is more appropriate today than ever before. More interstate highways intersect Indiana than any other state. Add to that a vast rail system, thriving ports on two of the nation’s busiest waterways and one of the country’s fastest growing air transportation sectors, and the result is a huge advantage for businesses that rely on fast, efficient distribution. Additionally, a massive new infrastructure investment program will provide billions of dollars in new investment in Indiana’s infrastructure over the next 10 years, reinforcing Indiana’s commitment to remain a national leader in the transportation, distribution and logistics sector.

The Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Index for 2008 rated Indiana as having the 12th most business-friendly tax system in the U.S.

In Jackson County, Indiana, we have a long tradition of providing a highly trained and educated workforce. We understand those are the very qualities that can be the difference a business can bank on for profitable operations.

The workforce supporting the employers is young, educated, and highly mobile — and they stand ready, willing and able to help you succeed.

Source : Jackson County Industrial Development